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You dance like you

As a unique individual you have a unique style when it comes to dancing. The way you carry your body is completely unique as it is made up of it's own unique story. The way your bones are shaped will be similar to everyone else's but never exactly the same.

The way your muscles respond will depend on your personal background in training and awareness, but they will also be influenced by any injuries or tightness you may have sustained as part of your life story. Consequently the way you move and your dance is going to be yours, unique to you and like no other.

Sure, there are ways of moving which make movements more graceful, energy efficient (or not), and I believe that finding these ways of moving are incredibly beneficial to expanding your enjoyment of dance. But I also find that it's easy to get lost in trying to dance like someone else – a teacher or other dancer we admire. It can come at the expense of understanding and appreciating our own uniqueness.

Finding and loving the way you feel comfortable moving is first and foremost, and I think it's a great idea to check-in and ask 'how do I move?' and 'what feels good for me?', and most importantly to celebrate your unique style.


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