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The quality of your steps

No movement is just for the sake of doing a movement – every step is for a reason and feels great.

I love every single one of my steps when I dance. The quality of my steps is why I enjoy my dancing. That's why I love the slower forms of partner dance because there's loads of time to appreciate every step. Like the opportunity to meditate, or just to slow down and see where you're at in life, a slow dance is wonderful for really getting attuned with your body and how you move. The dance becomes less about doing complete moves or sets of steps one after the other, and more about each individual step. And more than that, it's an exploration into the quality of each step. It's like each step and movement can have a quality and a personality of it's own.

The more you can break down your movements into smaller and smaller pieces, the more you can choose different movements and the more you are able to express the music through your dancing because you have so many options.

You may like to practice today by putting on some slow, soulful music and move slowly watching which part of your body wants to move to this music. Or, step slowly, feeling every footfall into the ground and really enjoy the quality of how you move from one foot to the other.


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